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River & Waterway Maintenance


River Maintenance Hampshire and UK-Wide

If you manage a stretch of water, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain. Burley Aquatic Developments offers a fully comprehensive range of services tailored to suit different client requirements. Very often clients will require a combination of our services to achieve the desired result. Eco-friendly, soft engineering and green bio-manipulation techniques are our preferred methods of operation wherever possible.

We specialise in all areas of waterway design and maintenance including:

• Lake, reservoir, design & construction
• Water body enhancement & restoration
• Lake drain-down systems design (Monk)
• Bank-side soil erosion control & solutions
• River, stream restoration & enhancement
• Silt Removal, silt control & management
• Nature Reserve enhancement & creation
• Gabion basket revetment, planted if required
• Weed & algae control
• Soft Bio-manipulation
• Engineering techniques & hard engineering, softened with planting
• Aquatic planting schemes
• Designed & installed decking
• Walkways
• Dip net platforms
• Angling platforms (timber or 100% recycled plastic)
• Bridges
• Bank-side tree control
• Flood defence solutions

Why are rivers and streams so important?

The waterway system in the UK is the lifeblood of the natural environment, providing habitat, protection and sustenance to wildlife. When it is looked after it will flourish and the wildlife will thrive; however, a flooded or badly managed lake, stream, river or canal can cause havoc on the surrounding environment. Don’t let it get to that stage. Give us a call and we can help you to care for it and maintain it in the future.

Aquatic Planting

One of our areas of expertise is aquatic planting. Over the years we have planted thousands of plants over thousands of meters of marginal banks. During this time we have developed the most effective and successful aquatic plant installation methods and devised the best ways of using wire as protection from vandals and all waterfowl species including large birds such as swans and geese. We also install protective wave booms if necessary to ensure the new aquatic plants roots receive minimal disturbance thereby allowing establishment.

Appropriate aquatic planting will hugely enhance any water body and heavily reduce/stop wave-caused bank-side soil erosion. The aquatic plants will increase fish carrying capacity and the natural water filtration process thereby improving the lakes water quality.

Contact Burley Aquatic Developments – River Maintenance Hampshire

Even the above list does not cover all the projects in which Burley Aquatic Developments has been involved, so give us a call us on office: 02392 799117 Mobile: 07733 063967 - the probability is that we will be able to help you.