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Water Features


Water Features Hampshire

A beautiful water feature in your garden can be a reality. Burley Aquatics specialises in aquatic landscaping and garden features, so allow us to introduce some calm into your life. Burley Aquatic Developments Hampshire supply water features that suit your lifestyle.

Imagine, coming home from a busy day, stepping into your garden, taking a seat and listening to the gentle sound of flowing water. The sound of water can help to take away the stresses and strains of our busy lives.

Water features also have another benefit - they attract wildlife. Insects and birds are attracted to such areas and encourage more wildlife to thrive and flourish.

And why not bring a burst of colour to your water’s edge with clever planting to enhance the natural environment?


We supply fountains in all shapes and sizes - from those that fit into the smallest of back gardens to expansive ornate fountains that would suit the manicured landscapes of a stately or grand home.

Whether you are looking for an elaborate fountain, a stone or rustic fountain or fountains with multiple levels to create a cascade of water, we can give you advice and install a truly beautiful fountain to suit your outdoor space. We can even supply bird baths for your feathered friends!

Stones, rocks and boulder water features

If you are looking for a more natural looking environment, then stones, pebbles or boulders can mimic the countryside. We can install water features that will encourage water to trickle or tumble over the stones or down an incline.


Burley Aquatic Developments specialises in pond design, installation and maintenance. Call us and we can talk through the space that you have and the type of pond that you would like. You may decide to go for a formal pond with straight sides and manicured edges; or you may prefer a natural look – a curved pond with more relaxed planting. Whether you have in mind a filtered koi carp pool or a true wildlife pond with no fish, and also a deck or slab seating area with pergola over the top, give us a call because we can help.


If you have ever wished for a well in your garden, then we are the guys who can supply and install it for you.


Have you ever dreamt of having flowing water at the end of your garden such as a fast-flowing stream or a slower bubbling brook? Whatever you want, we can design and install it for you.

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If you have ever wanted a beautiful water feature in your garden, then please give us a call on office: 02392 799117 Mobile: 07733 063967.